Best 5 Illegal Side Hustles For Fast Money: Darkest Way To Generate Income

Here you will see illegal side hustles to make money in Nigeria. Have illegal side hustles scammed you? Do you want to know illegal side hustles going on in the country? Here on this guide, we will list the most popular illegal ways to make money in Nigeria. We all know that the country is in bad shape and this has to lead so many people in doing all kind of bad things to make money.

The only advantage of this illegal side hustling is that you will make fast. And also risk spending the rest of your life behind bars. We do not condone illegal side hustling of any kind. However, there are things you have to learn about the people doing illegal side hustles for income to be safe from them.

There are some sides hustles out there that people are making much money form. There are many cool ways to make your money but some people prefer illegal side hustles. The truth is that there some side hustle that will give you money without doing the wrong thing just like blogging and freelancing e.t.c.

Before we continue, i will like you to know my side hustles which include blogging, internet marketing, and online businesses. At this point in my life, I’m interested in making more money just like Robert Kiyosaki advice in one of his book but in the right way.

What is side hustle?

A side hustle is a way of getting more income that can help you increase your revenue to invest, or clear your debt. However, you can see it as a bonus income. Furthermore, a side hustle can make you earn extras cash outside your regular job.

Is not a new thing that people use the money generate from their side hustle to set-up a good business. In short, the best way to stay out of debts and live the life you want is to make more money. Therefore it is good to have three streams of income in a country like ours.

10 Best Illegal Side Hustles For Fast Money

Here in Nigeria, many people bag a massive amount of money doing illegal stuff daily. One thing is that the system is bad and also the people in it. However, there is a large number of people out there making money illegally than you think even businessmen and women.


Pimping is the action or practice of controlling prostitutes and arranging clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return. It can also be related to as sex traffickers. However, so many have met their untimely death in this act, and some are cooling their head behind bars. Pimping is quite happening between women, most time the prostitute then self has little knowledge of what is going on.

So many hotels in Nigeria and Modeling agencies hide in the shadows but operate as a pimp. Furthermore, just like we said before is very risky and dangerous illegal side hustle. It requires setting up a website or meeting runs girls directly to get their contact and get them, clients.

Drug Dealing

Selling of hard drugs is highly prohibited in almost all the country. However, many people are plugging a lot of money on a drug side hustle furthermore if you’re considering walking through that path bear in mind that some country doesn’t waste time in the execution of drug traffickers. In conclusion, drug traffickers are always careful and watchful. Because once caught in the art be ready to spend some years behind bars.

E-book Scam

Ebook scam looks like the simplest of illegal side hustle and is most common among digital marketers. Some will go as far as selling an ebook fill with cabbage by giving it an excellent and attractive title. However, I am a victim of this ebook scam is not quite funny but it gives them a lot of money because the buyer can’t ask for reform since it is a digital product.

Furthermore, some has taken it to Amazon by selling a fake ebook. To achieve that they buy positive review to deceive buyers that their ebook is helpful, but isn’t useful. Some lift people textbook and content and sell it inform of an ebook.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is of many types and one of the illegal side hustle. It was popular a few years ago and still trending know. Bank fraud can get you a lot of money in a day if your clients fall for your trick. Also, bear in mind that this is an unlawful means of making money which will land you in prison if you’re caught.

Below are all most common bank frauds in Nigeria

  • Tricking people into collecting their BVN and using it for making payment online and withdrawing.
  • Calling people as bank customer care representative asking for their ATM card details.

Facebook Scam

However, people think Facebook is all about making friends and chatting. Furthermore, there is a lot of illegal side hustling going on facebook and people are making a lot of money from it. The most common one is scamming people by selling products with a free delivery option.

In conclusion

Illegal Side Hustles are not good is better to do something legit to earn a living. If you’re caught in the act is either a death penalty or prison sentence.

However, stay tuned for our best legal side hustle to make a lot of money in Nigeria 2019.

Updated: May 1, 2019 — 9:53 pm

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