Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2018

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2018

Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria, In Nigeria today, some graduate is looking for attractive, stimulating and award-winning jobs, why others are searching for the most paid jobs in the country, and getting this job is a nightmare for many. Though these fields are lucrative, they demand skills that are challenging to acquire or require multi-year training to teach.

Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria 2018

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria In this article, I will provide you with the list of highest paying and explain to your knowledge, the most cost-effective jobs in the Nigeria of our many studies on “top Nigerian paid jobs.”

Medicine and management, expressly executive functions, are some of the top-ranked occupations. If you are looking for high paying jobs in the world, be sure to take one of these roles:



Aforementioned is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria 2017 as at 2017. A lot of abilities are committed to this position as the person occupying this office reports to the board of directors and remains charged with maximizing the value of the entity. Though as tasking as this job might be it is lucrative and pays well.


Aeronautical engineers are ‘airplane engineers.’ In Nigeria, their principal job is the maintenance of aircrafts technology. Their job is very precarious because of the safety of the nation’s aircrafts, military or commercial, leans on their shoulders. The lives and safety of everyday traveler depends on them


Surgeons boast of there salary in Nigeria and this respectively the third highest paying job in Nigeria 2017. They administer directly amidst life’s and any carelessness during their work will lead to death.


Legal services director is a highly lucrative job in Nigeria at the moment those the slots for this position are less, indicating that only a few personalities are given the responsibility or contracted as a Legal service director. The Legal Service Director works as a lawyer that serves a company in any legal purpose or position. He or she also up contract documents, and also stands as a signatory when business transactions are going on.


Sure engineers, who invent, experiment and station means of extracting petroleum are respected and paid well. An average salary will be Two million Naria.


Pilots end up with a huge salary at the end of the month and am convinced you to understand the reason why?. It is very fundamental for airline firms to take good care of there pilots because of the nature of there jobs and for the fact that they cover a long distance journey.


A musician’s works are well known and not much complicated: they make music that entertains, informs, shape and sometimes change our ways of thinking.


Programmers are problem solvers. They figure out how to make computers solve our problems. Programmers are among the top 5 best-paid professions in developed worlds but have the reverse here in Nigeria.


The telecommunications industry is one of the largest in Nigeria today.They make it possible for you to make calls and browse from your phone.


They are not ordinary bankers, and they sure end up with more than average pay. Some investment bankers are billionaires.

one of the most common on lists of the well-paid jobs in Nigeria, if you know of a lucrative career that deserves to be on this list, go ahead and tell us in the comments section below.

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