9Pay Reveiw: How To Fund 9pay Account – 9pay.com.ng

How To Fund 9pay Account – 9pay.com.ng

In today’s article, we will be educating you on How To Fund 9pay Account, I know many of you have been searching on Google for step by step guideline to fund your 9moblie 9pay, but after reading this article you can be able to do that without stressing yourself or finding it more difficult to do.

Before we proceed with today topic of discussion, let take bring to our mind what is 9Pay is all about.

What is 9Pay?

How To Fund 9pay Account

9pay is your day by day multipurpose piggy bank and cash Manager. It allows you to cope with your everyday micro financial savings and money control and activities at the very tip of your arms. It enables you to stave little amounts of cash at point of sale in which cash is your means of payment, mop up loose monies placing round for your drawers at home, your car, or on the workplace, permits you transfer cash to friends and own family right away, settle your bills payment simply and convenience, irrespective of the form of smartphone device you’ve got.

With this useful e-commerce device now at your reach, fund your account to make purchases at merchant locations has never been made easier. And we didn’t stop there. Loyalty points and treasure hunts among merchant partners for purchases made with your 9pay Account.

You must not have to have a bank account to experience 9pay’s whole new world of ease and convenience in handling your money. Collecting your change from a service provider when you make payment with cash. Or money despatched from your friends and expensive ones who’ve 9pay accounts.

How do i sign up for 9pay or How do I register for 9Pay?

You can sign up or register right here on www.9pay.Com.Ng by means of clicking on the “get started” tab inside the center of the home page to create an account for you. Likewise, you can dial *500# if you are a 9mobile community subscriber and pick out “check in.”

All you will be required to provide is your first call, ultimate name, mobile number, and your selected four-digit pin. We will right now open a 9pay account only for you.

How To Fund 9pay Account?

For you to be able to Fund 9pay Account you have to follow the instructions below carefully.

  • Firstly, you have to get on any of the following two channels:
  • Via Web, log on to our web portal 9pay.com.ng and sign in. Go to the “Fund Account” tab.
  • Via USSD, dial *500# on the 9Mobile Nigeria network if you are a 9Mobile subscriber. Follow the onscreen prompts to “Fund Account”.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the desired amount you want to load to your Account. We have set an N20, 000 per transaction maximum limit daily for your security and safety on USSD channel.
  • The maximum limits for loading your Account daily are:
  • Via USSD: N20, 000 per day
    Via web portal: 20, 000 per day
  • Enter your card details, and you load the amount desired into your Account.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a limit to the number of times I can load money onto my 9Pay Account?

Not at all. You can load money or receive funds as many times as you want, provided you do not exceed the maximum amount balance limit.

Which of the bankcards are available for loading money on 9Pay Account?

We are connected to all banks and financial institutions via card payment option to fund your Account. All. However if your financial institution doesn’t appear on the list do reach out to us.

What happens if the transaction stalls and money gets deducted from my account while loading money?

This is an unlikely situation but there is no need to worry. If the payment is complete we will attempt to load the money to your Account again. In case a transaction fails in the middle of a load due to technical issues or your monthly limit gets exceeded, we send the amount back to the source account within 7 to 10 working days (excluding public and government holidays).

What is the maximum amount of money I can have in my 9Pay Account at any time?

Your Account balance cannot exceed N250, 000 at any time.

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