How to Save Money for Travel

How to Save Money for Travel


How to Save Money for Travel

Saving money for just anything is easy. You might have been planning an exotic out-of-time vacation or trip to any destination in the world for years now and have been postponing it because you couldn’t save up enough. I understand. You are not alone. It’s really not that hard to save up money and have more than enough to travel without undergoing a stressful miserly diet! All you need is a high level of self-control, determination and the right information. This post will detail useful practical tips on how to save money for travel.

Here we go…

How to Save Money for Travel

1.Book Tickets in Advance.

Seriously, nothing beats knowing what to do and working towards achieving it. Don’t you agree that things get costlier the later we get it? Yes. The prices of stuff in the last four to five months is quite different from what we have now. So if you are planning to have your trip on December, you have to really start saving up money since last month. So that you can book your ticket by October. Then you can laugh at your friends who buy their own tickets in December! But how can you save up money when you have not even started? Well, that depends on 2.

2.Know where you’re going.

The first step to getting anywhere that is in your mind is knowing where and how to get there. For example, if you are planning to travel to Dubai, you can put your mind at spending an average of N200,000. If you book in advance however, you might save up to N30,000! Alright now, there are several travel agencies that will promise you cheap flights, but I recommend Travelstart Nigeria for amazing prices. You would be surprised at how much you would save on a ticket! Just check there official website You can explore the website for other Flight Routes across the world.

  1. Open a Savings Account.

After you find out the cost of wherever you are planning of travelling to, you have to open a separate savings account in your current bank. This will be where you must transfer money daily, weekly, and monthly. You have to set a budget that will go in line with the scheduled date that is the date you have in mind to actually book your flight in advance. Now if you plan to book your flight to Dubai in 30 days, that is October, you must make a daily saving of N6000 to your new travel savings bank account. How can you reach this daily saving? Number 4.

  1. Set a spending limit.

Nice and easy, all you have to do first is to calculate how much you spend daily and how much you would now have to spend daily after deducting the daily saving. To do this, there are lots of things you have to cut back on. You need to stop buying commercial food and coffee. Instead, buy raw foodstuff and make your own lunch and coffee. It may sound eerie. But look at it. If you buy half a bag of raw rice for say N7000, you would have almost 144 cups of rice. You might cook 3-4 cups which will definitely last breakfast to lunch. Look at how much you have saved! If you buy two plates of rice for you know what… do the math.

  1. Use your Car less.

You don’t have to be told the cost of maintaining a car is costlier and more stressful than using commercial buses, especially BRT around Lagos. If your car only goes out sometimes, imagine how much you’ll save on fuel and servicing. After you have imagined, save the money you came up with.

These tips have helped many to travel inspite of the low paying jobs they have. Even you too can!

Updated: October 3, 2018 — 12:24 am

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