Let’s Flood Some BDS Thoughts

Let’s Flood Some BDS Thoughts

Dentistry is not all about uprooting teeth and correcting cavities. Even before that there is a lot of academics that needs some serious preparation and there is a mandate by the DCI that states, a BDS Course Student need to undergo rigorous training on various training programs. The Dental Council of India and Medical Council of India are two separate councils. These functional bodies are responsible for some dramatic changes happening in the course and in health care needs of the population.

Let’s Flood Some BDS Thoughts

Figure 1: MBBS, BDS & Pharma Courses


Medical courses always start with MBBS and end at Pharma. After MBBS, BDS Course is the most sought-after course in the Medical stream. BDS enables a student to become a dentist, given if he/she successfully completes the course. BDS Course which stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery is an Undergraduate Dentistry Course. This is a 5-year course, out of which 4 years are dedicated to theoretical subjects and 1 whole year is dedicated for rigorous training. The students have to undergo a training program which will enhance their understanding of how to handle the patients.

The course is offered in two formats, as a full-time course, and as a part-time course. These courses are continuously evaluated by DCI.


So what were you thinking? That the BDS Course is easy-peasy and you can make money within no time. Maybe you’re right but not quite right. Don’t be so happy about the perks yet, there is a barrier laid right when you apply for the course. A student with 50% marks in English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in 12th grade will be eligible to apply for this course.

A dentist can go onto pursue postgraduate courses like Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS) which is a course 3-year course. It is not considered feasible but one can also pursue MBA if his/her keen interest is Business. Medical and Health Professionals always expect for “Freedom of Choice” and “Individuality” which are contradicted by DCI & MCI. An MBA Degree will bring individuality along with the degree.


What So Good About MBA!


MBA is the most popular course in the world. MBA specialization related to Project Management and Marketing will certainly add more value to BDS Degree and also help the BDS Graduate in setting up a clinic for themselves. MBA Colleges in Allahabad are certainly named after the courses, they offer because of the Quality of Education. Students are in search of these kinds of courses. There is an inevitable trend of the direction of things, one of which is pursuing MBA. So there is no doubting that an MBA degree is going to go waste.

Let’s Flood Some BDS Thoughts

Figure 3: BDS Graduates – A Skilled Medical Professional


There are so many skilled medical professionals all around the world but this makes it really hard for an individual to set up his/her own clinic. An MBA degree will provide overall knowledge about how the market works. The best part about MBA is that the colleges design their curriculum to help propel the student’s knowledge by conducting industrial visits and internships to make students understand every aspect in the market.


What Follows Is A Triumph!


After pursuing MBA, the dentists have an accelerating start and there is no looking back from here. Starting an own Clinic will literally be a cake walk. The students end up being more confident in what they are doing. As the courses in MBA colleges in Allahabad are well planned to make sure that it enhances the decision making skill and let’s a student to think in the most difficult of situations to come up with a right solution to the problem.

Let’s Flood Some BDS Thoughts

There is an enormous need for skilled medical professionals all over the globe. And BDS Course never disappoints in achieving this ambitious roller coaster ride. Roller Coaster because it has its ups and downs,.and it’s okay to fail but it is never okay to give up on what you want. BDS and an MBA are a rare and perhaps an impossible combo but it all depends upon an individual after all. We have been hearing a lot about block chains these days, in the same way we need to  distribute the a power among people and allow them to champion themselves..


It’s Quite Simple, Walk the Walk





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