Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure and Ranks

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure and How Much Workers Earn

Are you here to know the Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure? However, Are you among those asking How much does prison warders earn? Here in this guide, you will see how much Nigerian prison warders earn monthly.

Many people have been asking us question concerning about Nigeria prison salary scale. In brief, you’ve to know that workers who serve in Nigerian prisons are paramilitary employees and CONPASS structures their salaries.

However, all the paramilitary institutions and their service members are receive an additional amount to their salaries and also some special allowances.

What is the salary of a Nigerian prison officer?

The average pay of a prison officer monthly is about N50,000. The average pay of a prison service annually is about N800,000 to N1,000,000.

However, the highest salaries are generally attributed to the most senior positions in Nigerian prisons. However, the most rank officer is Controller-General. Thus, his deputy is second in command, and the deputy heads Assistant Generals.

Nigerian Prison Service Ranks

Do you want to know Nigeria prison service ranks? However, below are the ranks of NPS, ranging from the highest positions to the lowest.

  • Controller-General
  • Deputy Comptroller Generals
  • Superintendent Of Prison (SP)
  • Deputy Superintendent (DSP)
  • Assistant Superintendent I (ASP.I)
  • Assistant Superintendent II (ASP.II)
  • Senior Inspector (SIP)
  • Inspector Of Prison (IP)
  • Assistant Inspector Of Prison (AIP)
  • The Prison Assistant I (PAI)
  • Prison Assistant II (PAII)
  • Prison Assistant III (PAIII)

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