Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure and Ranks

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure and How Much Workers Earn

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Scale, This web page is to enlighten you further on how much Nigerian Prison Service pays their officers monthly and annually, starting from the highest rank staff to the lowest vacant position. Read to the end to grab the information you’re looking for;

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure

The Nigeria Prison Service ranks and salary has been much of discussion for some time following the latest Recruitment on Nigeria Prison Service. Notwithstanding, the new salary scale of Nigeria Prison Service increased some years ago alongside the wages of public servants by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2007.

The Nigerian Prisons Service is a government agency of Nigeria which operates prisons. The agency is headquartered located in Abuja, and it is beneath the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Defence Immigration and Prisons Board.

The new salary structure for Para-military personnel is known as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS), which sees an increase in basic salary and allowances for Nigerian Prison officers and all Para-military organizations. That is different from the Nigerian army salary, Airforce, and the Navy.

Nigeria Prison Service Salary Structure.

1). The average salary of Nigerian customs service workers – N800,000-N1,000,000 annually (N50,000 monthly).

2). The highest salary is received by the Controller-General of Prison Service, the second highest goes to the Deputy Controller Generals, and Assistant Generals.

4). It was stated that salary grade level 07 is automatically moved to salary grade level 08, so this means that Nigeria prison officers salaries are growing.

IMPORTANT: The highest Nigerian prison service rank which is the Command Controller of Prison service is the highest paid staff, followed by the Deputy Comptroller Generals, the Assistant Comptroller Generals, in that order. Salaries is paid according to qualifications and ranks as graduates with B.Sc should earn more than an member of staff with O’level certificate

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