Portal.npower.gov.ng | npower.gov.ng | Npower Legitimate websites | Npower social media accounts

Portal.npower.gov.ng | npower.gov.ng | Npower Legitimate websites | Npower social media accounts

Npower social media accounts – Npower has announced to all candidates to overlook rumours are going around that its website has been cloned. In a Facebook post, Npower team revealed that http://npvn.npower.gov.ng is a website for only Npower applicants who have been chosen on the Npower program, so that refresh their banking details and have access to the modules.

Npower legitimate websites combine and Npower social media

Portal.npower.gov.ng | npower.gov.ng | Npower Legitimate websites | Npower social media accounts

Portal.npower.gov.ng | npower.gov.ng | Npower Legitimate websites | Npower social media accounts

https://npvn.npower.gov.ng npvn-npower-legitimate-sites
Importance of http://npvn.npower.gov.ng

For successful applicants to update their information on the Npower website. The source includes resource and training elements for the programme they are being chosen for.

The portal comprises chat platform whereby making it easy for selected applicants to communicate with Npower team who are ready to help them resolve any of the difficulties they might be suffering.

Bad guys are sneaking the cyberspace, hoping to negatively get and use financial and personal details of new Npower applicants in the 2017 Npower program.

Portal.npower.gov.ng | npower.gov.ng | Npower Legitimate websites | Npower social media accounts

1. npower.gov.ng

That is first and fountainhead of all another subdomain of Npower programme. Before the beginning of submissions of online application in 2017, Federal Government made it
public that prospective applicants should apply through the website.

But, the large application on the website surpassed the projection of the designer. The website collapsed along the way, was quickly redesigned, which gave birth to the second one below.

Here is Security advice: Look at the spelling of the website pretty well. Don’t be deceived by any other similarly related domain being displayed on online.

2. portal.npower.gov.ng

This subdomain is the formal application portal for Npower Nigeria. It has the full
features of the programmes designed by the job lead team of Social Investment
Program of President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government.

If you want to learn more about the enablers, the creatives, and developers, this portal is the place to visit. It has the most authoritative features of all the programmes.
All the programmes on the portal have been created in such a way that after reading what they are about, interested applicants can quickly click on APPLY BUTTON to complete the application processes.

Security advice: Please don’t submit npower application on any other job portal or the website, if you’re applying for npower job, UNLESS as stated by Federal Government.
When an application starts, you’ll submit yours on www.portal.npower.gov.ng

We also noticed that this portal is yet to have the secure button, “S” after the HTTP. So
we urge you to make sure you enter the correct address announced by the government.

3. npvn.npower.gov.ng

NPVN means Npower Volunteers Network. This portal came up instantly 200, 000 satisfied applicants continued shortlisted in 2016.

There was the need to have a portal f

or beneficiaries to fill their private and financial details. That necessity gave birth to NPVN PORTAL.

Just like university portals designed for students who have been given admission, npower intended npvn portal which is EXCLUSIVELY for successful applicants as well.
If you applied in the first phase in 2016, but not shortlisted, you will not be able to have access to the portal.

The details filled by beneficiaries in this portal are accessible to Npower Technical Unit here in Abuja.
Details from NPVN PORTAL were and still being used to contact successful applicants about stipend payment and for corrections. For now, the npvn portal mig

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4. support.npvn.ng

This is the archive of all question you might need to ask about npower program or find solutions to as far as your NPVN PORTAL is involved.
Frankly, this support comprises the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by successful applicants.
If you desire to know how to effect correction in your name or correct your name, this is the best subdomain for that.
It’s incorporated into the NPVN Portal, so it’s also made of successful applicants.
If anyone asks you to tender Npower application on any other website or portal aside the ones listed here, please alert the peculiar authorities.

You can CONTACT THE NPOWER TEAM on these social media channels in case you want to call their attention to any security threats.

Npower social media accounts

1. N-power on Facebook
Find them on www.facebook.com/npowerng
2. On Twitter, @npower_ng

3. Instagram @npower_ng They’re not active on this platform though. Just one post
since inception? (As at June 4, 2017)
4. Social Investment Programme SIP @SIPNGR

That’s all on Portal.npower.gov.ng | npower.gov.ng | Npower Legitimate websites | Npower social media accounts for all other npower news update click here

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