Waec Withheld Results 2019 Released Date – Latest Update

Waec Withheld Results News 2019 Released Date – Latest Update – Latest Update www.waecdirect.org

Are you here to find out when Waec 2019 withheld results will be out?

Do you want to know the latest news about Waec withheld results 2019?

However, Are you interested to know the latest information about Waec withheld results?

This article will also inform you when is Waec withheld results coming out and how to check Waec withheld results.

Many students that participated in West African Examination Council 2018 exams are yet to see their result after the release of students results.

In the meantime, Many pupils are busy asking if the withheld Waec results been released

 when is Waec withheld result coming out

I know the question above is usually on the mouth of students whose Waec result is withheld for some time now.

To begin with, find out the current news about Waec withheld result, and the release date promised to the students by Waec board

By the way, many Waec results were seized and withheld due to exams malpractice during the exams

Therefore to know the latest news about Waec withheld result 2019, continue reading below to find out more

There has been a meeting between the Waec boards, and they vow to release the seized and withheld result for the students who’re affected.

Has Waec Withheld Result Been Released

In the meantime, Waec withheld result release 2019 has not been made official by the exams board, therefore, wait for some time

However, Do not pay anybody or listen to any adverts online that ask you for money to release your withheld result

In conclusion:

In this case, if you want to be the first to know once Waec Withheld Results 2019 is officially released online

To be the first to know once Waec Withheld Results 2019 is out, comment box below with your phone and email address.

Updated: July 26, 2019 — 9:45 am


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  1. Oguamanam faith odinakachukwu

    Please I checked my result all the subjects are held, pls I beg in the name of God u to release it pls, b4 I get HBp pls, should I further on to buy post utme form

    1. Pls is Waec that witheld your results not us… let hope and pray they release it…Thanks

      1. Enare Matthias Ogar

        When will the withheld results of candidates be released at all

  2. I have been trying checking my result but telling me that ‘no result for this candidate in the specify year. What does this mean, what can I do pls

    1. check later after some weeks..

  3. Fredrick okechukwu

    pls help,i check my waec result and they only show me “result cannot be fetch at the moment”what will i do.

    1. wait for some week and check again or follow this step to contact Waec Admin to help you fix the error

      1. Let us hope the 2019 withheld results would be released

  4. my English result reading outstanding. What does this means. other subjects were released except English language carrying outstanding. Please what can i do about it.

  5. Pls when is NEC meeting going to hold for the release of withheld results?

  6. pls have waec release held result?

    1. will let you know once they did..

    2. Urgently notify me whenever the results are been released.

  7. each time I check my result it always showing no result for this candidate for this specify year thos that mean my result is hold pls help

  8. my physics is displaying outstanding please what will I do?

  9. what of outstanding results

  10. Yanmar Fanen Thomas

    Pls I Have My Result And Found English Outstanding But Other Subject Are Released So What I Do In Order To Get My English

    1. they will released it soon… check after some times

  11. pls is there a watsapp platform to let us no abt d released of withheld results pls..

    1. not yet…

  12. Aslm my dear hw re u doing pls? When is the waec 2018 withheld result go release?

  13. please sir when will they release held result I mean which particular day or month

  14. Adebamibola Adeyinka

    Pls when wil waec release lagos state public sch result,because my school screening has started.

    1. Waec has release result…

  15. Plz My Result Z Withheld
    Help Me Oo

    1. Waec will still release witheld results

  16. my waec result held i dont know what is the problem please release my waec becouse i will attempt in university of maiduguri

  17. Oguamanam faith odinakachukwu

    Pls I checked my result it was all held, what should I do? And my post utme screening is ending this month pls, this is my second time of writing this exam pls I need your held, will they release it this month july abi next month pls, my heart is realy beating pls thanks

  18. Raphael Igwe sunday

    please,may i know the latest news on 2018 withheld waec result

  19. Pls I checked my result it was all held, what should I do? And my post utme screening is ending this month pls, this is my second time of writing this exam pls I need your held, will they release it this month july abi next month pls, my heart is realy beating pls thanks

    1. Wait for some time and check again..

  20. pls i dd waec all my subject was released except govt dat was outstanding nd i will be writing post utme dz year pls wen will i be release??

  21. Adebowale Abdulkabir

    I did this waec and all my results were released except biology that displays OUTSTANDING…please when it be released…I’m dying of suspense

    1. Wait for some time

  22. How will I contact the waec admin pls, my result is held and am not really hapi th8s my second time

  23. Please My Waec All Subject Is Held, Please And Please Release My Waec I Need To Join Admission In Other School Please And Please.

  24. Member Of Waec Good Morning To You All,my Waec Result Is Held I Dont Know What Is The Problems Please And Please Cheek My Error And Release It For Me God Bless You And To Protect You All Members.

  25. Johnson ochi aka donatus

    Pls when the waec that held will be out

    1. keep checking..

  26. now,they have not started releasing withheld result?

  27. pls waec officers am sure u also have children at home, y dont u put yourselves in our shoe u held all my result and i ave done my school exam which i will need waec result . sir/ma am begging u wit anything u areworshipin please release our held result before october

  28. Pls in the name of god u people should release my result pls cuz my poor mother who is a widow has no money to register me again pls before she will have HBP

  29. Anthonia fathia love

    Pls release my held waec result pls I beg u, am a chosen am a chosen pls release my result, where is the God of my pastor power God go and fight 4 me pls

    Release my result this my second time now of writing this exam pls I beg u in the name of God pls

  30. Abdulmumeen Waliyyullahi Oluwasola

    Plaz Reles Our Result We Are Beg U In De Name Of God

  31. Any specific date yet on when the withheld results will be released?

  32. Pls when are they going to realIze my outstanding English subject

  33. When are they going to realize the outstanding subject

  34. Pls unn has started giving admission
    WATS up with waec naaaaaaaa

  35. pls waec people we ar abt to die

  36. Pls release our result they have started uploading waec result in jamb website pls nd it will soon close pls sir I beg in the name of God plsssssss release my result pls

  37. God i know you wont allow this to happen after all the struggle we student have had during registering , reading then one person will now tell me dat my result i held God plz touch dere mind to release our waec result

  38. Anthonia fathia joyce

    Have has started giving admission pls u guys should released my result pls am full of pains nd tears pls I dont want admission to byepass me this yr pls

  39. Please we are begging all the waec officials to release our result, our parents went through alot to get us to this stage,put yourselves in our parents shoes and see how it feels.some of us worked hard for the exam, just one person’s mistake shouldn’t ruin million people’s career. My post utme is next week Friday and i don’t have my waec result to complete my registration.. Please help us in God’s name

  40. waec have mercy on us pls considered all the money we have spent concerning our admissions pls I am ready to defend my result waec just try to put yourself in our shoes I personally don’t have father

  41. Pls help us with our waec results,i prayed it should be released this month because of my jamb sir pls I don’t want my efforts to be in vain,

  42. Sir Are They Not Releasing withield waec result this month again?

  43. Good morning, we appreciate your rent less effort to curb examination malpractice amongst students in Nigeria in order
    to improve the educational standard in our country. We are not against your gestures and actions of with-holding our results pending the final judgement is served, but the problem here is that the innocent ones are most affected. We humbly ask for the quick release of the held results. Thank you.

  44. my fellow victims, let’s worries less 4 us 2 live and see our result,i can see that they have started coming out!

  45. please in thé name of God have mercy and release our held result

  46. Please release held waec results before jamb stop giving admission. Some of these students admission are delayed because their waec results are still held. Waec please don’t let six years work be a wasted effort.

  47. Please, You People Should Temper Justice With Mercy And Release Our Results Abeg.

  48. pls my weac is with held help me relaese people have already admited

  49. Notify me when d result is released please

    1. ok we will

    2. Abdulmalik abdulrahman

      Please when are the result gonna be release please inform me

  50. Please have they released the witheld waec result

  51. Sule Goodness ikojo

    notify me when when the result is released please
    my phone number:08169439643 OR 08039710745
    my email: goodnesssule@yahoo.com

  52. please ooo…
    wats the latest news on the release of the waec result ooo….jamb has started giving admission ooo

  53. Please notify me if the result is finally released thanks

  54. Pls let the board be fast cos, there is no more time to wait.abegg ooo release the withheld results of 2018

  55. I believe in u waec, in guys re still trying ur best to release our results, even some of us re guilty for some certain crimes or offenses. u re still fixing way for us again. dis is truly love.. pls 4giv us. dis is my number. 08167649977 I have hope. my results would be good. amen 🙏

    1. Pls help me ooo….when are they releasing our withheld result…07069728305

  56. Pls notify me when its release

  57. Please when notify me when held results are finally released please i beg of you thanks.phone number:08143892973

  58. Withheld results are out since

  59. I checked my son’s gce august/september 2018 result and all subjects were withheld.

    please,may i know when the withheld results in 2018 will be released?

  60. please when waec witheld nov/dec been released please

    1. It has been released

  61. my result was held and i want to know when it will be release

    1. Keep visiting this page for more updates..

  62. when will our withheld results will be release

    1. Will let you know when it’s released

  63. please an please sir we know u are doing ur work to make things right,but please an please I beg u with the name of God please release our held result, an when will the held result be coming out sir

  64. thank u sir ,,09054056120

  65. I need my result because during our exam external supervisor is everywhere so there is noting like exam malpractice therefore I need my result pls

  66. please when is waec witheld results be out

  67. hello pls i am really scared…..i hav checked my results all was gud but my mathematics they wrote outstanding in the blank space were there were 2 put my grade…..wht does it mean..?

  68. Please waec yhu people should realse our result..

    1. when is waec result withheld be release

  69. Pls help my result is with held

  70. Please will waec not destroy those they with held their result.

  71. when will 2019 held waec result be released?

  72. i want update on 2019 release of withheld waec results please.

  73. When Waec witheld result will Be Release. I wrote Jamb and I want to Process my admission Now Without result How Can I process it

  74. I need the result agently

  75. When withheld result will be start cheeking?

  76. pls notify me when the withheld results are out.
    this is my number;08087893207

  77. pls try and notify me when the result is out

  78. When will waec withheld result be out

  79. It should be release in time and with A1s

  80. I checked my waec result but everything showed held,please am confused I need help,I need my result for my admission. Please help a sister

  81. Hold do I check held result

  82. Okeworo Nkasiobi Mary

    All my subjects are held I really don’t know what to do because registration into university is going on and will close on 15th August pls help

  83. Waec upgrade is very real if you meet the right person then you can have a good result call Mr Austin to upgrade or release your withheld waec result on 08147291499


  85. Please waec should release my result all my subjects are held please I put awaiting in my jamb

  86. adepoju oluwadamilare

    pls inbox me wen waec held result is out

  87. Pls inbox me when d result is released

  88. Abiola Samson Oyedele

    my waec result ooo

  89. Oluyede Emmanuel Wilson

    You people are faithful in your word

  90. Pls notify me when the withheld results are released

  91. pls all my results 2019 are held
    pls what will I do

  92. Help,help please all my result are held please when will the result be out please

  93. pls when will wace held result be out. I need it urgently go process my admission nd the admission form will be closing very soon


    Please inform me when withheld waec results is released. Thanks.


    Please when will waec released withheld 2019 may/June results and keep me informed.

  96. Pls sir am really confused I don’t do any malpractice but yet I don’t see my result pls helpe even av paid for my post utm pls I registered awaiting results pls help me I don’t have parents and I want to make it in life pls don’t let all my suffering money wasted pls I beg you all waec official please release my result

  97. Oni oluwaseun samuel

    Pls I really need this result,

  98. Sule Waheed isola

    Please notify me when waec 2019 withheld results are out

  99. Sule Waheed isola

    Please notify me when withheld weac 2019 results are out

  100. Will WAEC release results before 2019 admission commence

  101. Oh my god i check my waec result and they told me that the all subject were witheld. pls and pls help us and release our result

  102. Please notify me as soon as waec release 2019 May/June withheld exam results

  103. pls release the result on time to allow our children to process their admission

    1. Please i need my waec result,so as to process my admission…because it was held….pls help me out…

  104. pls notify me this is my number:08103816368

  105. exact date for release of 2019 held Waec result

  106. Waec withheld results is out

    1. Adepoju John Blessing

      Na lie jor

  107. gborogborogodbless

    notify me when waec 2019 with held result will be out

  108. Adepoju John Blessing

    All my results are held please o have mercy

  109. Plz all my waec result are held I need to know wen it will be release this my number 09083520252 and my email is fattydeen1995@gmail.com

  110. Please release our result

  111. My sister’s waec result was held, pls when are they releasing the withheld result???

  112. ekwealor chibuike

    Please notify me when waec with- held result is out

  113. It should be release in time with A1s

  114. Pls kindly inform me when WAEC 2019 HELD results are released. 08035985356 thanks

  115. waec has held all d science student result in my school
    and released both d comm and art result..
    waec which date and time will u release our result..

  116. Please waec release our results I beg you in the name of God, many people are waiting to upload their waec to jamb portals
    Please and please

  117. Please notify me about waec withheld result released

  118. I am a candidate of 2019 waec, i have not see my result since. The only thing i saw is error message want i checked it. Plz help me

  119. Omotosho yusuf olamilekan

    Please be pleased, when with held waec result of 2019 will be release. Because many students are register their jamb with awaiting results with the hope that weac will release the result before starting the admission for 2019. So pls find solution to this issued we beg you all in the name of Allah

  120. Pls inform me too am also this year candidate oo jamb is expecting us ooo

  121. Pls inform me too

  122. Plz when will held waec result be out


  124. We have written post utme and jamb its just waec we are waiting for nd some universities have given deadline for uploading the result ..wat do we do now

  125. I want to be notified when the 2019 held results is out

  126. my waec result was withheld . I need help 07012395259

  127. Please when is withheld waec result is going to be released out we beg u waec board bcox d 2019/2020 Admission is around the corner.Thank you

  128. Ayoyo Nnaemeka Wilfred

    09021767917 please try and notify me

  129. 09012126867
    i want to be the first to know when the withheld is released

  130. plz oo i am amgoin for screening on september 11, plz God have mercy on us come to our aid.

  131. Please notify me if the 2019 withheld waec results is released
    Here is my phone number 08080486167

  132. pls release our waec results help pls

  133. I want to be the first person to know if waec results is out

  134. Notify me if the result is out please

  135. friday paulinus sylvester

    notify me if the withheld result is out or released



  138. Like seriously am tired of waiting patiently,i wrote my post utme already and have been waiting diligently to seeing my result out but to no avail,does that really means all my efforts this year were in vain?The money i spent ,tutorials have attended,cafe have been to and so on,please the result should be released soon even if it’s not gonna be useful this year i still need&want it.

  139. What’s the precised date of the meeting that will be held to discuss about the result?

  140. notify me pls when the result is release 07064444207

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